Bear, Cloud and Book, take 2. Those were the visual-artists-word-prompts from last week. I might even need a third and fourth week to make this really and truly worth posting. I like the idea of putting random words together to get ideas for all kinds of artistic endeavors. However, I think I need to redesign my output. Or, if others would participate, then I’d have slightly less burden on myself to produce every week. Posting twice a month might be more than enough…we’ll see. Read on.

I can’t tell you how many iterations this bear and his clouds and book went through. I suppose it starts with last week over here.  Now there are few more, not really ready for prime time attempts, but I’ll post them anyway. I’m thinking of elaborating on the little book you’ll see at the end of this post. In the meantime I’ll show you all the failed efforts.

This isn’t all, just what I kept as I pondered what to do with them next. I tried colored pencil, and nah! Watercolor was a fail too. Computer, nope!

It Started This Way

I liked making little charcoal pencil drawing books and thought I’d try to use colored pencil to fill it in. In the meantime I’ve ordered some tinted charcoal…maybe those’ll work out. But I was overwhelmed at having to fill in 10 page. It was kind of cute though with all the animals watching the clouds together.  Then in the evening, as they are going home they each say goodnight to the other. Obviously this is not the whole book. In the beginning the bear is all alone and gradually all his friends show up to watch the clouds.

How To Fly A Hot Air Balloon

Is what his book title says.

 But I really wanted color. So I abandoned the above idea and hoped to do it or something else by computer. I thought it would be quicker and easier. Maybe if I knew what I was doing. So, I did the something else. It was both fun and frustrating playing in photoshop.

Finally the Assignment As Randomly Picked Visual Word Prompts

Still without color…maybe one day.

Next weeks visual artists prompt words might not happen. Only because I think I might be stuck on the bears. If it does happen and I’m feeling motivated, the words I’ve picked are: Graphite, Firefly and Rocks