This Weeks Results: Firefly, Graphite, and Rocks

Can this possibly be week #14 of working on artist prompts? In any case I’m beginning to see the effects of the exercise. I’m able to create a little on my own again without artist prompts. Woohoo!

It’s a little strange but this piece is heading in the right direction despite the cabin looking like it might fall over. It was supposed to be a fantasy cabin; instead it just looks a little off…oh well. I like it anyway.

Now for the Results of the Visual Artist Word Prompts

I’m going to throw these pics up here and you can figure them out. Inspiration was lacking. Graphite, fireflies and rocks felt a little too random. I took the words way too literally.

This is the first one – very literal. However the media is colored pencil and not even graphite.

Literally the word prompts
Party at the Birches

Then I went all the way to graphite as prompted. The bottom area was supposed to  look like granite but I wasn’t focused on it and it’s only in my mind that it is rock textured.

Tiny colored pencil drawing with only a touch of graphite for the rock. Not completely the artist prompt words but simple and fun. I had to look up how to make colored pencil smooth. low and behold it worked! Baby oil brushed over the wax pencil, breaks it down. Very cool!

Midnight firefly party
Fireman flies

Finally at the end of the week, I got a little playful and this happened. I saw a picture of a little boy throwing water onto a friend as they played in the river, and my mind wandered from there. Firemanflies? I guess I should have put a fireman’s hat on the fly…then it would make more sense…maybe?

Onward to next weeks Word Prompts

Next week or maybe the week after I’m going to work on: Steel Blue, Copper and Fantasy.