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Visual Artists Word Mashup

Picking three random words out of a bucket of words for a visual mashup has been a trial. Mostly fun, but this past week I picked from my word salad grab bag were: Bears, Clouds and Books. I had only one idea and thought if I stuck with it showed some patience and focus, I could finish. I failed. Impatience got the best of me. It was going so slowly and I started to rush the drawings. However, I did find a cute old painting and a clay piece I’d like to share.

This old bear painting that was done maybe 15 or so years ago. Someone wanted to buy it but I couldn’t let him go. He was in a dream and I thought it so funny that a bear could actually sleep while in this position that I had to paint him. It was a spontaneous painting, and came out rather well. Not a book and not a cloud, although it could be misconstrued as a cloud, but at least it’s a bear to go along with this weeks artist prompts!

Was I a better artist years ago? I definitely had more patience, and probably more a whole lot more brain cells. How do you get those things back?

Dream Bear
Sleepy Bear Still in his Den

Where’s the Book and Clouds?

I started to make a little book about a bear and clouds but put myself under so much pressure to complete it within a week that I made a mess. It’s finished but looks sloppy, thrown together and incomplete. I’m going to try again, with the same words but will hopefully make it more presentable, even if it takes three weeks to finish. The bottom line and an issue that keeps coming up is that I have to slow down. Or, at least not try to finish on time each week. Then it becomes a chore and not a creative process.

When I started to draw again this morning I found that without the pressure of getting done for Sunday publishing, my drawing came much easier. The characters had more expression and I was erasing far less.

Also, from a long time ago. Bears and more bears. This was in my clay days, which I’d really like to go back to. It was supposed to be me and my two kids. The big sister, older bear was constantly pestering the younger brother little bear. Always near Momma though. I wonder if they even remember the part they played in this piece?

Visual Artist Prompts Continues to Next Week

Same words from the word salad mashup. Bear, Clouds, Book


  1. Vicki Grenier

    Please don’t feel any pressure. If it takes a month it is perfectly fine. I honestly did not realize you were giving yourself only a week. I kind of like what you did, It could be an invisible book.

    • Pen Ross Burk

      An invisible book! I never would have thought of that! thx!

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