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Grab Bag Week #5

The grab bag of artist prompts words I picked this week are Ginger, Elephant, and Mouse. These words reminded me that I created a little book a few years ago with images that almost match the prompt words. Well, almost; enough that I thought I’d share it. The book is titled Elephant’s Ants. Ok, there’s no ginger or a mouse, but a lot of the hues and tones in the book are ginger-colored. Does that count? Ants are like mice, aren’t they?

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Grab Bag of Artist Prompt Words

Picking three random words out of my grab bag of artist prompt words has been a trial. (See the idea here.)This past week, I picked Pencil Drawings, Cats, and Spaghetti from my word salad grab bag. I thought this was going to be easy. For warm-ups, I pulled out one of my stubby pieces of graphite and on newsprint, I did the obvious. Rough sketches, nothing to look at, but I just needed to get them out of the way.

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Artist Prompts Result Week #1

Hopefully this is going to be a weekly event of artist prompts. Play along with me? In my first blog entry (Snagging the Muse, An Artist’s Prompt), I wrote about picking slips of paper from a bag full of likes and interests. Here are my three picks from week one:  Sweaters, Fountain Pens and Fairytales. Wow – random, huh? Several stories came to mind, but the one I wrote here seems to fit all three words the best. This story could have been more involved, but I thought I’d go with the abbreviated version.

What words did you pick and what did you create? Here’s mine:

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