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Grab Bag Week #5

The grab bag of artist prompts words I picked this week are Ginger, Elephant, and Mouse. These words reminded me that I created a little book a few years ago with images that almost match the prompt words. Well, almost; enough that I thought I’d share it. The book is titled Elephant’s Ants. Ok, there’s no ginger or a mouse, but a lot of the hues and tones in the book are ginger-colored. Does that count? Ants are like mice, aren’t they?

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Week #3 of Creativity Gymnastics

One of the biggest things I’m learning from all these art games is that I need to warm up. Just like in a figure drawing session, where the model changes positions every ten, twenty, and thirty seconds. However, even after so many sketches for this week’s project, I think I’ve exhausted the possibilities. You can thank me later for not posting the ten other drawings and stories that led up to this post!

It has also been like a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. The random words from the bag are so incongruous that even when I come up with something, that made a little bit of sense, it hasn’t resulted in great art. Basically, it is a whole bunch of warm up exercises. Fun, but not great art.

This week’s random prompt words were Blueberry, Willow Tree, and Crayon.

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The Me Tree

Crayon Tree

“Momma?” asked the little girl. “What happens if you plant a crayon and a blueberry?”

“I guess you get a crayon tree growing out of the blueberry,” answered Momma.

“So what happens if you plant a blueberry and a tree and crayons?”

“You get a blueberry tree made out of crayons.”

Blueberry blossoms
The Willow Me Tree

The little girl thought for a second and then asked Momma “….And what happens if you plant…

“Willow, what are you getting at?

“I’m trying to get at a blueberry, crayon, Me tree.”

“A me tree?” asked the mother.

“Yes, a tree – a tree with my name Willow, but a tree.” The little girl gave a wide happy grin at her mother.

“I guess you get crayons that grow a blueberry, with willow tree sprouting from it?”

Willow sprouting from Blueberry

Blueberry Sun

“Maybe,” thought Willow, “you get a crayon-colored Me Tree with a blueberry sun!”

And so we come to the end of week #3. Did that make any sense at all? It was a tough one.

I’ve already picked my random words. Ready? (I’m not.) Beach Glass, Rabbit, Circles

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