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No Prompt Needed For Spontaneous Art

I’m going to switch things up a little bit with the artist prompts. This time the idea is to throw paint or graphite or any other media at paper with no plan to begin with and then figure out what comes next, or what does it look like. This can be with any material for instance, I have a bunch of beach glass, driftwood and other things that I’ve found on the beach, that I want to throw together. Maybe the sculpting needs a little bit of preplanning but in general it would be fun to do with no plans. Maybe later we can go by color or medium, but in the meantime, I’m winging it!

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Dumplings in my Artist Prompts

What can I say, it was in my grab bag of words to choose from. One of my favorite things is Dim Sum. How could I go wrong putting the word dumpling in my grab bag of likes and loves? However, a long time ago, I did a greeting card for my friend and although it’s not about a dumpling, it’s close. The artist word prompts were supposed to be: Dumplings, Ecru and Cartoon. Ok, I’m getting there. Standby…

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Week 6 Grab Bag of Artist Prompts

Picking three random words out of a bucket of words, has been a trial. Mostly fun, but this past week I picked from my word salad grab bag were: Walking in the Woods, Copper and Birds. I thought this was going to be too much of a breeze. So I put it off and procrastinated and put it off some more. The only thing that kept coming to mind was Copper Birds. I couldn’t even get to the “walk in the woods” until late Friday and for some reason I’m trying to make a posts in one week from Sunday to Sunday.

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Grab Bag Week #5

The grab bag of artist prompts words I picked this week are Ginger, Elephant, and Mouse. These words reminded me that I created a little book a few years ago with images that almost match the prompt words. Well, almost; enough that I thought I’d share it. The book is titled Elephant’s Ants. Ok, there’s no ginger or a mouse, but a lot of the hues and tones in the book are ginger-colored. Does that count? Ants are like mice, aren’t they?

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Week #3 of Creativity Gymnastics

One of the biggest things I’m learning from all these art games is that I need to warm up. Just like in a figure drawing session, where the model changes positions every ten, twenty, and thirty seconds. However, even after so many sketches for this week’s project, I think I’ve exhausted the possibilities. You can thank me later for not posting the ten other drawings and stories that led up to this post!

It has also been like a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. The random words from the bag are so incongruous that even when I come up with something, that made a little bit of sense, it hasn’t resulted in great art. Basically, it is a whole bunch of warm up exercises. Fun, but not great art.

This week’s random prompt words were Blueberry, Willow Tree, and Crayon.

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The Me Tree

Crayon Tree

“Momma?” asked the little girl. “What happens if you plant a crayon and a blueberry?”

“I guess you get a crayon tree growing out of the blueberry,” answered Momma.

“So what happens if you plant a blueberry and a tree and crayons?”

“You get a blueberry tree made out of crayons.”

Blueberry blossoms
The Willow Me Tree

The little girl thought for a second and then asked Momma “….And what happens if you plant…

“Willow, what are you getting at?

“I’m trying to get at a blueberry, crayon, Me tree.”

“A me tree?” asked the mother.

“Yes, a tree – a tree with my name Willow, but a tree.” The little girl gave a wide happy grin at her mother.

“I guess you get crayons that grow a blueberry, with willow tree sprouting from it?”

Willow sprouting from Blueberry

Blueberry Sun

“Maybe,” thought Willow, “you get a crayon-colored Me Tree with a blueberry sun!”

And so we come to the end of week #3. Did that make any sense at all? It was a tough one.

I’ve already picked my random words. Ready? (I’m not.) Beach Glass, Rabbit, Circles

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