The Grab Bag of Artist Prompts for this past week were: Rabbit, Circles and Beach Glass. This had to be my favorite week so far. Rabbits! Who doesn’t love fuzzy little bun buns? In each of these random word pic events, there is always one word that seems to be the kicker, the odd ball out, the pain. This week the anti-magic piece was the beach glass. I have a bunch of beach glass, and it’s frosted and pretty – no problem. However, beach glass is at the beach, bunnies are in the woods, so that was a block. Circles and rabbits make sense, but add in beach glass and we’ve got problems.

Rabbit, Circles and Beach

The First Visual-mashup Attempt:

I thought about painting or drawing a scene but drawing beach glass is tough especially with a rabbit. It would look like fuzzy pieces of chewed lettuce lying around the ground. I was leaning toward Fimo or polymer clay and creating a mobile. That seemed like the right way to go but, I had issues. You know, the glue didn’t hold or the string broke or the paint was streaky. Again, I had to consider how much time I had to devote to this project.

It was then a matter of play. I liked it best in B&W.

From here I went outside and hung the rabbits in a tree but had no place for the glass. Setting it on a bench, on a cement block and on the grass were okay just for play, nothing more.

When I put it on the grass, my dog came and decided it was play time and wouldn’t stop until the rabbits, string and glass were a tangle mess….oh well, we had fun!

Here Are the Other Pictures

Same Prompts, different looks

Just because I love B&W. This is shot on the kitchen counter. At least the beach glass are almost circles.

This was where my dog began to take interest…

The moss covered picnic table. Probably the best part of this whole exercise was the unusually warm day for end of February.

Onward. Grab Bag Art for Next Week:

Maybe if I just choose two words instead of three, or maybe choose the two best out of three words. Let’s see what the grab-bag holds:

Next up: Pencil Drawing, Spaghetti, and Cats