While getting into my art prompts for the week, I was reminded of a drawing I did back in high school…or was it college? In any case, it was an art class where the teacher had us doing a progression of something that morphs into something else.

The illustration could be in any media. The drawing had to use one word that had two images or ideas rolled into one. For instance, take the word butterfly. The drawing would be a transition from a stick of butter to a fly.

For some reason I chose “tiger milk.” Not sure I followed the directions to the “t” but that doesn’t matter. She liked what I did. The next assignment was similar. We were to make another progression drawing, as if it were a film strip.

This brings us up to the present, several decades later. The prompt words I picked out of my word-salad-art-prompt-exercise were: Cat, Spaghetti and Pencil Drawing. It reminded me of this long ago assignment. The only difference is, instead of the cat playing with yarn, imagine that it’s spaghetti, and instead of chalk, it’s colored pencil.

Cat, Yarn, Chalk