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Visual Artists Word Mashup

Picking three random words out of a bucket of words for a visual mashup has been a trial. Mostly fun, but this past week I picked from my word salad grab bag were: Bears, Clouds and Books. I had only one idea and thought if I stuck with it showed some patience and focus, I could finish. I failed. Impatience got the best of me. It was going so slowly and I started to rush the drawings. However, I did find a cute old painting and a clay piece I’d like to share.

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Visual Artist Word Mashup

My artist word prompts came from a different source and might possibly used for a different purpose. My daughter is selling her maps and merchandise and wanted to me to create some Bees for her! Two other words added…Glasses, and Silly. I’m not at all sure what silly might look like. Maybe a flower with a drunken bee could be a little silly, or is it just plain uncomfortable? I don’t know. I’ll try a few ideas and see where it goes. In the end I don’t think the bees are acceptable what my daughter needs, but now I’m getting a better handle on how to draw them.

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Grab Bag of Words for Artist Prompts

Ok, so I’ve made it to week eight, amazing! For this week I picked Teapot, Lavender, and Wooden Spoons out of my grab bag of artist word prompts. I was not excited by these words. They seemed so mundane and obvious. However, once again, as I got started, I got into a roll and couldn’t stop. It must be instant gratification, nothing to complex, just mindless easy drawing. Here are some simple efforts, quick, down and dirty.

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Dumplings in my Artist Prompts

What can I say, it was in my grab bag of words to choose from. One of my favorite things is Dim Sum. How could I go wrong putting the word dumpling in my grab bag of likes and loves? However, a long time ago, I did a greeting card for my friend and although it’s not about a dumpling, it’s close. The artist word prompts were supposed to be: Dumplings, Ecru and Cartoon. Ok, I’m getting there. Standby…

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Week 6 Grab Bag of Artist Prompts

Picking three random words out of a bucket of words, has been a trial. Mostly fun, but this past week I picked from my word salad grab bag were: Walking in the Woods, Copper and Birds. I thought this was going to be too much of a breeze. So I put it off and procrastinated and put it off some more. The only thing that kept coming to mind was Copper Birds. I couldn’t even get to the “walk in the woods” until late Friday and for some reason I’m trying to make a posts in one week from Sunday to Sunday.

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Grab Bag Week #5

The grab bag of artist prompts words I picked this week are Ginger, Elephant, and Mouse. These words reminded me that I created a little book a few years ago with images that almost match the prompt words. Well, almost; enough that I thought I’d share it. The book is titled Elephant’s Ants. Ok, there’s no ginger or a mouse, but a lot of the hues and tones in the book are ginger-colored. Does that count? Ants are like mice, aren’t they?

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Grab Bag of Artist Prompt Words

Picking three random words out of my grab bag of artist prompt words has been a trial. (See the idea here.)This past week, I picked Pencil Drawings, Cats, and Spaghetti from my word salad grab bag. I thought this was going to be easy. For warm-ups, I pulled out one of my stubby pieces of graphite and on newsprint, I did the obvious. Rough sketches, nothing to look at, but I just needed to get them out of the way.

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Grab Bag Of Artist Prompts Week #4

The Grab Bag of Artist Prompts for this past week were: Rabbit, Circles and Beach Glass. This had to be my favorite week so far. Rabbits! Who doesn’t love fuzzy little bun buns? In each of these random word pic events, there is always one word that seems to be the kicker, the odd ball out, the pain. This week the anti-magic piece was the beach glass. I have a bunch of beach glass, and it’s frosted and pretty – no problem. However, beach glass is at the beach, bunnies are in the woods, so that was a block. Circles and rabbits make sense, but add in beach glass and we’ve got problems.

Rabbit, Circles and Beach

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