(Re)Igniting the Creative Spark

Grab Bag Week #5

The grab bag of artist prompts words I picked this week are Ginger, Elephant, and Mouse. These words reminded me that I created a little book a few years ago with images that almost match the prompt words. Well, almost; enough that I thought I’d share it. The book is titled Elephant’s Ants. Ok, there’s no ginger or a mouse, but a lot of the hues and tones in the book are ginger-colored. Does that count? Ants are like mice, aren’t they?

There was no storyboard or outline before its creation. It grew organically on the pages of a little sketchbook. This is a love story featuring an Elephant and his best friend Hanz – an ant. While Hanz is off gathering morsels of food, Elephant gives a giant sneeze sending the tiny ant tumbling towards his true love – Tullic.  Ant or mouse, I guess it was just the idea of a giant creature next to a tiny one.

Getting Inspired

The style of this little book is inspirational to me. I love that there was little to no planning. I had never drawn an elephant before, maybe that shows. With a little research he was passable as a character.

The message to myself is to perhaps loosen up. It has always been something that I’ve strived for but somehow I keep coming back to familiar shapes. Once again I tried to go abstract with my artist prompt words. This is the result, which I keep wanting to add detail to. At least “ginger” got a little more recognition this time.

Ginger, Elephant, and Mouse

Grab Bag of Artist Prompts Week #6

The grab bag of artist prompt words has revealed: Copper, Walking in the Woods, and Birds. I already have a few ideas. Copper flakes comes to mind first. I think another of the big lessons here is the need to understand how to use more technology, whether it’s photoshop or procreate.


  1. Vicki Grenier

    My forte is not art but storytelling. I have thought of stories for each combo of prompt words. Your stories are magical. Your artwork from faeries to crayon trees is a treat to see. Thank you for including me on your journey.

    • Pen Ross Burk

      You’re always welcome to come on my journeys! after all my caregiving over the last few years, I’m beginning to get my creative side back. The muscle is stiff but I’m getting there!
      Thanks for commenting, you how welcome that is! xo

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