(Re)Igniting the Creative Spark

Visual Artist Word Mashup

My artist word prompts came from a different source and might possibly used for a different purpose. My daughter is selling her maps and merchandise and wanted to me to create some Bees for her! Two other words added…Glasses, and Silly. I’m not at all sure what silly might look like. Maybe a flower with a drunken bee could be a little silly, or is it just plain uncomfortable? I don’t know. I’ll try a few ideas and see where it goes. In the end I don’t think the bees are acceptable what my daughter needs, but now I’m getting a better handle on how to draw them.

The first thing is that I’m trying to be a little more patient, as in, think first then draw. What it led to was doing some warm ups. Having not done many bees in my life, I definitely had to use references.

Bee First

I really liked the graphite on newsprint. It made the bee look extra fuzzy, without the extra lines to make it look fuzzy. It’s okay. The legs are a problem, I need to find out where they’re supposed to be on the body. All the references were deceptive, or even different from one to another.

Bumble Bee
The way he’s looking at us!

Some Visual Artist Word Mashup Efforts

Drunk on Honey

In an attempt to be a little silly, with Bee and Glass, I went with drunken bee. I’m hoping the martini glass is full of honey or pollen? Or have we driven our bee population to alcoholism?

These pics didn’t involve too much silly, more like the old story with a change of animals. The Country Bees vs the City Bees.

Country Bees

The country Bee-r

and of course,

Catching a Buzz in a Manhattan

City Bee
Bee Reading

And I’m still trying to figure out the leg situation, and a further attempt at silly. They all look more like spiders.

One more thing I’m trying but as of yet haven’t made it work perfectly is getting rid of the watercolor textured background. I’ve been watching how to videos and I’m getting close but not quite close enough.

Loose Interpretation of the Artist Prompt Words

Summer Fling

Finally in an attempt to loosen up and go back to a style I’m more comfortable with. I made a bunch of practice bees. They’re much more believable. This isn’t over! I think after a week of bees I’m might finally have figured out the leg situation….just a little too late for my blog…typical of me. Oh well.

Just for fun I put in the sepia version. I found it more intriguing. Which one do you like? This was done using photoshop. I think I’d like to do the same thing but really just using one or two colors. This is just a little too predictable. I still like the potential of it though.

Bees Doing Their Thing

Next Weeks Visual Artist Word Mashup

Hmmm. Not sure about how to proceed with these words: Clouds, Bears and Books. This is going to take a little thinking.


  1. Vicki Grenier

    I like the first one. I don’t care for the serpia version at all. Thank you for keeping up with these prompts. I look forward to them. 🙂

    • Pen Ross Burk

      I very much appreciate your note. I might need to continue a set of prompts for longer than a week but we’ll see. Thx again!

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