Picking three random words out of my grab bag of artist prompt words has been a trial. (See the idea here.)This past week, I picked Pencil Drawings, Cats, and Spaghetti from my word salad grab bag. I thought this was going to be easy. For warm-ups, I pulled out one of my stubby pieces of graphite and on newsprint, I did the obvious. Rough sketches, nothing to look at, but I just needed to get them out of the way.

On a whim I Googled “cat and spaghetti,” and guess what? Just under a gazillion pictures of cats eating spaghetti came up. Who knew?!

Moving on

The one image I didn’t try was a cat made out of spaghetti. We’ll put that on the back burner.

I drew a lot of images, but none really grabbed me.

I Kept Drawing…

Do kids really spell that poorly? I hope not.

How about another tangled-up kitty.

Ok, No More Drawings

My last ditch effort was a 3D version. But for no reason other than not knowing the medium, the 3D crashed and burned…literally. The polymer clay did not like the temperature I set for it. Initially, there was more spaghetti on the cat, but it turned black and burned. I thought I could cover it up with tomato sauce and meatballs, and guess what? Even after turning the heat way down, I still had charred spaghetti sauce to go with my burnt kitty.

So I did another one. Goofy looking kitty face, but not scorched like the other one. That’s mostly because I haven’t baked it yet. Is that cheating? I don’t care!

Next Week Artist Prompt Words

Three words from the bag: Ginger, Mouse, Elephant. But this time, I’m not committing to use all three words.