Ok, so I’ve made it to week eight, amazing! For this week I picked Teapot, Lavender, and Wooden Spoons out of my grab bag of artist word prompts. I was not excited by these words. They seemed so mundane and obvious. However, once again, as I got started, I got into a roll and couldn’t stop. It must be instant gratification, nothing to complex, just mindless easy drawing. Here are some simple efforts, quick, down and dirty.

First Up, Lavender and Teapot

Okay, there is only one lavender teapot in the bunch. It’s the one with lavender on the pot. I had fun designing the different shapes a teapot could come in but then botched the square one. That was a definite fail. I like the idea, it was just poorly executed. I used to work in clay, and was thinking 3 dimensionally but forgot to draw it that way….does that make any sense? In any case ignore the square one!

Throw in the Wooden Spoon Prompt

 As I was drawing this I didn’t stop to wonder how the lavender, in the back of the teapot, holds itself up. I’m not sure how I get these drawings so wrong, but I have fun doing it! Actually I do know. I start in one direction drawing and then go in another. I get so into the random directions that I don’t step back and see what I’ve done. Plus I have no patience. I keep thinking I know how to draw, so just draw, and then it comes out all wrong! Ok, something else to work on!

All the Prompt Words

I went for watercolor on this one. The composition makes a little more sense, no? At least the lavender has some form of visible support.

Couldn’t resist the Spoons by themselves. However, where are the final pieces? Maybe, once again, I just don’t have the patience to create a full composition and instead I (figuratively) blurt out the first thing that comes to mind while I’m drawing. I like doing these quick things but then by the end of the week I finally know what I should have done. For instance. My mother has a small wall of wood spoons and wood scoops, of all different shapes and sizes. I just need to get over there to take a picture and then draw them. Had I taken the time to think this through I would have been able to get the photo last Monday…..argh.

Three Spoons

Grab Bag Words From Another Source

My daughter has asked me to do some drawings for her shop. Bees, Glasses, and Silly. Yes, silly. I think that means cartoons. I don’t think I’ll mind this at all. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks for joining me!